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led decorative lights feature and design style

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The characteristics of led decorative lights flat three lines:

1, strong reliability: static scanning technology and modular design technology, higher reliability and stability

2. Diversified display modes: multiple display modes are supported

3, easy operation: adopt general video playback software, so that the system operation is very convenient

led decorative lights flat three lines are widely used to outline the outline of various buildings, the construction of large lighting patterns, a variety of interior decoration, residential environment beautization, business and travel facade decoration, waterproof LED decorative lights cost, advertising signs, DISCO, stage, film and television background production, matching controller can produce flashing, dimming and other effects. ----led Christmas light manufacturers


led full-color digital tube: externally controlled six section guardrail tube is generally used for building profile lighting, through the signal connection of the control system, can make the digital tube produce hundreds of different patterns of effect, digital tube itself is a low power product so more energy saving and environmental protection, is the choice of modern lighting products.

led decorative lights are straight LED lighting series in the landscape, decorative lights, lights with meteor across the night sky effect, breaking through the traditional visual aesthetic limit of lights, can be hung in the trees, house along the wall surface, especially suitable for government projects hanging on the trees on both sides of the street and parks, tourist attractions, green belt, etc., to add beauty to life. The color of led decorative lights can be selected and matched according to your preferences. The personalized design style is completely up to you.

The flat three lines of led decorative lights are plastic linear decorative lights made of high brightness LED, which is a new type of lamps to replace the neon tubes of micro bulbs. It not only has all the advantages relative to the glass neon lights, but also overcomes the disadvantages of the neon tubes. It has: low power consumption, high efficiency, long life, easy installation, low maintenance rate, not fragile, high brightness, cold light source, can be lit for a long time, easy to bend, high temperature resistance, good water resistance, green environmental protection, rich color, good luminous effect and so on. Can be used for buildings, building outline, also can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration. ----led decorative lamp manufacturer


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