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LED modeling lights make the night scene more charming

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The prominent part of landscape lighting is led modeling lights. LED modeling lights have various styles. As long as you change the details a little bit, it is also very convenient to present different lighting styles. When customizing led special-shaped lights, we should pay attention to several techniques summarized by LED special-shaped lights manufacturers. 1. Understand the characteristics of LED special-shaped lights. LED modeling lights evolved from street lamps. With the pursuit of beauty, people pay more attention to the environment and artistic lighting demand is also rising, investment in landscape lighting enthusiasm is growing. led modeling lights just meet people's pursuit, beautify the environment, bring art and aesthetic characteristics for the night. In terms of color, led lights can be made into colorful multi-projection fruits, such as stages, large leisure squares, entertainment places, etc. ----led decorative lamp manufacturer


2. Understand the manufacturing process of LED special-shaped lamp. Whether it is Q235 steel or stainless steel, the service life of LED shaped lamp is as long as 25 years, but LED shaped lamp also has the characteristic of translucent, so the choice of stainless steel is just in line with this characteristic, especially at night, the stainless steel surface can reflect the color of the surrounding light source, making the night scene more charming. 3. Understand the customization process of LED special-shaped lights. Street lamp and other products are larger in volume, more styles, and larger in inventory. If there is little or no inventory, they can only be customized. The typical customization cycle is one to three weeks, depending on the quantity and complexity. ----led Christmas light manufacturers


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