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The influence of Light Festival on the market image of exhibition industry

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1. The impact of the Light Festival on the market image of the exhibition industry. This light festival is a Walking vision light. The market of lighting festival comes from the blank exploration period to the mature period. The influence of the festival on the market economy from just starting a new night project to the economic benefit of tourism now accounts for 80% of the economy. The concept of lighting activity operation, the site in the scenic spot will be based on the environmental conditions of the scenic spot and the local culture to construct the site environment of architecture and sculpture design, such as the Eiffel Tower in France, soon spread from France to the whole Europe and influenced by it, many design lighting exhibition space design will adopt a variety of forms or straight lines, Even the Eiffel Tower has become a large exhibition of most of the domestic lighting festival in addition to the foreign buildings, the domestic exquisite architecture, hexagonal pavilion and other classic ancient buildings have also become the choice of national style in the design of the lighting festival. Chinese retro style of Lighting festival: According to the traditional Chinese lantern space art interpretation of Chinese dragon, wind dance, plum orchid, bamboo chrysanthemum, eight immorities across the sea and other technologies combined with LED lights to create a new shape. Lighting festival manufacturers can be seen everywhere, but the manufacturers and stylists of the site design style popularity is different, the design effect is different. Early design of mature lighting festival, publicity and communication of lighting festival, arrangement of lighting exhibition, reserve after the festival according to the site situation, understand the site electricity, telephone, etc.


Through the reasonable and orderly comprehensive competitiveness and cultural charm of the site layout can create a scene atmosphere, optimize the scene environment, enhance the brand image, attract customers to consume. In the overall planning of the nightview lighting festival lighting products, we should carefully investigate the detailed history, current situation and development prospects of the city, correctly identify and seriously demonstrate the key scenic spots, and organize the implementation on this basis. At the same time, urban nighttime lighting must also highlight character and flavor. Light is an art of sight. The distinctive visual effect of the city is the "soul" of night lighting. Therefore, style and taste is an important issue. In line with landscape characteristics, rich cultural deposits, is a spirit of The Times, noble and elegant art style. Regarding buildings, advertisements and other facilities that interfere with the landscape, they should be kept clean and tidy to make the landscape harmonize with the surrounding environment. Therefore, in the construction of nightview lighting, it is necessary to carry out unified planning, select key lighting areas and scenic spots, and specify the lighting level and lighting style in a macro way, otherwise the overall artistic effect of nightview lighting cannot be achieved. 9, colloidal ordinary colloids are generally epoxy resin, the price of anti-ultraviolet fire agent grid price is expensive, high-quality outdoor lighting should be anti-ultraviolet and fire. ----led festival light manufacturers


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