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What are the reasons for the popularity of led holiday lights?

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The diversification of led festival lights has evolved over the years. People who may be engaged in or understand our landscape lighting industry must know that the monotonous and simple street led festival lights at the beginning are nothing more than one or two fixed styles, and the price is relatively high. At that time, the outdoor led festival lights landscape lights are a very obscure product, and few people understand them. However, with the evolution of led festival lights over the years, its style is ever-changing, no matter from the support, light source and the shell itself of led festival lights. Therefore, the road pole led festival lights have become one of the relatively popular products in the lighting industry in recent years. The rise of led festival lights is due to the price. In recent years, the price of lamp pole led festival lights has been reduced greatly, from thousands of yuan before to hundreds of yuan now. In the past, lamp poles were only hung in big cities, and now they are also consumed in rural areas. In addition, the annual festival celebrations are to be celebrated, so the demand for lamp pole led festival lights has greatly increased. Therefore, we can imagine the reasons for the hot sale of led festival lights! ----led Christmas light manufacturers



In order to create a smart lighting system with energy saving and high efficiency, it has become a popular design trend of LED lighting system to use MCU and dimmable driver for environmental sensing and high efficiency dimming. In addition, the simulation of optics and heat dissipation is also an indispensable development link to ensure the reliability and safety of led festival light products.

With the increasingly popular use of led festival lights, the application is more and more diversified, among which the business opportunities of intelligent lighting system are more expected by the industry. In order to create LED intelligent lighting system, MCU can realize automatic brightness adjustment, automatic color change, environmental sensing, group system control and other functions, enrich the application of LED lanterns, and improve energy efficiency.

On the other hand, it is very important to verify the feasibility of the product through the simulation process of optics and heat dissipation, which can not only ensure the safety of the product, but also accelerate the development time of the product and enhance the market competitiveness in the simulation process.


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