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What are the main differences between led festival lights and landscape lights?

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I. led festival light material: led festival light is made of plastic, its shell surface is very bright and smooth, led festival light shell is brittle, in the process of transportation if the violent loading and unloading of led festival light shell is relatively easy to break, and led festival light its material is plastic PO, led festival light its shell surface is frosted, The shell of the led festival light is not broken or broken. No matter you step on it or throw it from a tall building, the shell of the landscape light is not damaged at all.

Second, led festival light product transmittance: led festival light than led festival light shell light transmittance is slightly worse, simply put, led festival light at night light is not led festival light, its light effect is good.


Three, the production efficiency of led festival light shell; The production cycle of led festival light shell is much more efficient than that of led plastic lantern, such as one day, led festival light shell can produce hundreds, and led festival light shell can produce dozens. led Holiday lights One factor in choosing led holiday lights can make CFLS or traditional tungsten lamps not very good cost savings. With the cost of electricity on the rise, there is an option that can make the holidays come alive with led holiday lights. These lights are not only cost effective, but also brighter and more durable than traditional CFLS.

At present, it is difficult for led festival lights to be popularized and used. The reason is that the cost of led festival lights is much more complicated than the cost and process of cloth lanterns, and the packaging can not be compressed, which makes its freight is a big expense. With the continuous maturity and progress of current technology and process, the cost of led festival lights is becoming lower and lower. Over a period of time can replace the more traditional cloth lanterns to speed up the led festival lights landscape lights. These lights provide brighter lighting, allowing them to compete even with sophisticated holiday decorations.


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