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led decorative lights permeate the unique and rich cultural deposits of the Chinese nation

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LED is a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection of the future era of the new light source, but also fully reflects the special LED red lanterns, at the same time our LED material is plastic PC,PP,led decorative lights specifications is a variety of different occasions to hang different specifications, can be hung single can also be linked to hang, red lanterns hanging high, extraordinary happiness, make the spirit A hundred times!

led decorative lights are a product of the perfect combination of traditional culture and modern technology. The appearance of led decorative lights solves the defects in the use of traditional lanterns, and adds new functions while retaining traditional cultural elements. Once launched, it has become the first choice for outdoor lighting in China.

led decorative lights are simple and generous, and have strong Chinese characteristics, can be used indoors and outdoors, can be installed LED beads. The modern city with her to make up must have a different flavor, Yizhanzhan lantern lit, radiant red light, jubilant scenery can be realized. In the eyes of Chinese people, red lanterns symbolize family reunion, career prosperity and prosperity, as well as happiness, brightness, vitality, completeness and wealth, so everyone likes them. Red lantern hung high, permeated with the Chinese nation's unique, rich cultural deposits!


led decorative light source power is still attributed to a LED packaging products, is the most important part of the semiconductor lighting to general lighting field. Because of the current limitations of semiconductor light-emitting diode chip skills, the photoelectric conversion power of lamp pole and lantern LED still needs to be improved, especially led decorative high-power LED, because of its high power, about 60% of the electric energy will become thermal energy release (with the development of semiconductor skills, photoelectric conversion power will gradually improve). This requires customers in the application of high-power led decorative lights, to do a good job of heat dissipation, to ensure the normal operation of high-power lamp pole lantern LED products.

1. Requirements for heat sink of led decorative light source.

Appearance and raw materials: if the sealing demand of the product is not high, the convection can occur directly with the outside air environment. It is recommended to choose aluminum or copper heat sink with fins.

2. Light pole lantern useful cooling surface area:

About led decorative lights 1W high power LED white light (other colors are basically the same) heat sink is generally useful heat dissipation surface product sum ≥50 square centimeters. About 3W products, the sum of useful heat sink surface product ≥150 square centimeters, higher power according to the condition and experimental results, try to ensure that the heat sink temperature does not exceed 60℃.

3. led decorative light source LED high-power connection method:

When connecting the led decorative lights high-power LED base plate and the heat sink, please ensure that the touch surface on both sides is flat, so that the combination of the two touch surfaces is more fit. It is recommended that the bottom of the led decorative lights base plate or the surface of the heat sink be coated with a layer of thermal grease. The thermal grease needs to be coated evenly and appropriately, and then fixed with screws. ----led festival light manufacturers


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