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led decorative lights how to repair the problem?

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led decorative lights are now common urban road lighting lamps. Under the premise of qualified product production, unexpected problems may still occur after municipal or factory installation. But in order to prevent these problems, regular maintenance is needed to reduce the number of street lamps abandoned. led decorative lights Wu Xin in this specific clarify a few points:

1) First, check whether the controller battery indicator light is on. If it is not on, check whether the connection line between the controller and the battery is dropped and the connection line is normal. Use a multimeter to check the battery voltage.

2) Check whether the load indicator light of the controller is on, and check the output voltage with a multimeter to see whether there is voltage output. If no voltage output, replace the controller.

3) Check whether the LED driver input voltage is normal, check whether the LED driver fuse is missing, if the fuse is missing, use a multimeter to check whether the LED driver output voltage is normal, if normal, please follow the LED lamp cap, if not normal, please follow the LED driver.


2. Does the spectrum provide spare parts? For vulnerable parts, spectra distributes spare parts in accordance with the ratio of 3%.

3. Does the demand for PV modules face south? For users in the northern hemisphere, it is good to have PV modules facing south. In order to ensure that the components can receive as much and even light radiation as possible, we have made a good inclination planning according to the region when planning the component bracket.

4. Are solar panels fragile? Fairly strong toughened glass panels, tested by hail in conditions mimicking Arctic and Antarctic conditions.


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