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Characteristics and design concepts of led decorative design lanterns

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LED exciting digital display tube: Externally operated six-section guardrail tube is usually used to light up the wheel corridors of housing buildings. Data tubes can be created in hundreds of different ways depending on the data signal connection of the automatic control system. Data rectifier tube itself is a low power consumption product, is the contemporary lighting effect lighting project selection products. LED wall lights are taken over LED lighting products in the landscape and wall lights. The light source has the practical effect of shooting out stars in the night sky. It enhances the aesthetic limit of the visual effect of the traditional lighting effect. It should be hung on the flowers and trees, along the house and on the wall surface. It is especially suitable for doing government projects and hanging on the trees on both sides of the street office and its ecological parks, scenic spots and road greening, etc., to increase the beautiful scenery for daily life. led decorative design lamp hue can be according to your hobby, choose at will, at will match, humanized design concept is completely up to you. --led decorative lamp manufacturers


Flat three lines of led decorative design is the selection of high brightness LED production of malleable decorative design lighting, is to replace the small light bulb neon tube. Compared with laminated glass colored lights, it not only has all the advantages, but also gets rid of many of the disadvantages of neon tubes. It has: low power consumption, high characteristics, long life, easy installation, low maintenance rate, not easy to break, brighter, cold light source, long-term lighting, easy to bend, heat resistance, moisture resistance is good, green with environmental protection, rich and colorful color, flash effect is very good and other characteristics. It can be used for house construction, building corridors and interior and outdoor decoration design. 1. Small size. LED is mostly a small chip packaged in the form of epoxy resin glue, so it is extremely small, very light. ----led modeling lamp manufacturers


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