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LED curtain light

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  • Date of issue:2022/12/14
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Detailed introduction


[Product name] led rubber wire curtain light string

[Product model] VSCR-2*3M-230V-WW

[Product size] Width: 2M height: 3M string distance: 10CM lamp distance: 10CM

[Number of led lights] Hang 20 pieces of 300led each, a total of 600led

[led color ] White light

[Product voltage] AC220V

[Product power] 80W

[IP Level] IP65 (both inside and outside the home)

[Power cord] The plug line is 2*0.75m㎡* 1.5 meters rubber power cord with VDE certification + European plug

[Material process] The wire adopts the 3.3MM outer diameter VDE rubber wire with cold proof (all copper) + detachable cold proof glue injection main belt (color is black/white) + bright led with bubble shell filling process.

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